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This board supports the NXP LPC1343 microcontroller.


Feature Notes/Range
Target Device LPC1343
Target Architecture Arm Cortex-M3
Vcc 3.3V
Programming UART, USB, SWD
Hardware Crypto No
Availability Source files
Status In development
Shunt TBD

Power Supply

The core of the LPC1343 chip runs from a 3.3v supply. This is supplied through the CW308T filter and delivered across a shunt resistor for power analysis. The I/O buses are also supplied with 3.3v.

Code Read Protection

The LPC13** family uses a code read protection feature to restrict access to application code after programming. This read protection can be bypassed using voltage glitching.


UART and USB bootloaders are supported on these devices.

Serial Wire Debug (SWD) is supported for programming and debugging applications.

Schematic and Layout

See GIT Repo for design files.