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This is a basic prototype board which can be used for mounting other chips on the CW308 UFO Target. It can also be used to mount small boards (see the examples for photos).


If using the board, you MUST wire the I/O voltage to the VREF pin (lower left, pin A20). If you fail to do this the diode clamps may stop I/O lines from being drivable.

See the example photos below where you can see the 3.3V supply being routed to the VREF pin.


The following shows several examples of this board in use.

Hue Bridge 2.0

This shows an extreme example of mounting a board onto the victim board. The actual analysis was being done on the SAMR21R on the main board, but this provided mechanical stability to allow tacking wires onto that area.



Hue ATMega2564RF2R Based Bulb

The SPI traffic was wired out as well in this example, and a ChipWhisperer-Pro was used to trigger on SPI traffic.



Riscure CTF Board

This example allowed both power analysis and clock glitching to be performed against the board. A small shunt resistor is soldered in-line for the VCC pin.