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Welcome to the (new) and official home of product documentation for NewAE Technology Inc's products! This site focuses on hardware documentation - the software API for products is still built using seperate sites. Previous hardware documentation was found on:

Software installation and API documentation is typically found on a related ReadTheDocs page. These pages are linked on the related page.

Getting Started

If you are here for documentation for a specific product, see the Table of Contents on the left.


ChipWhisperer is an open source toolchain that makes learning about side-channel attacks easy and affordable. It also serves as a platform for performing side-channel research in a well documented, cost-effective, and repeatable way. ChipWhisperer is mostly focused on power analysis attacks and voltage and clock glitching, which disrupt a device's power supply or clock signal to cause unintended behaviour (such as skipping a password check).


Capture contains information about the "capture" side of the ChipWhisperer hardware. These devices, such as the ChipWhisperer-Lite and ChipWhisperer-Pro, are the part of the hardware actually performing the side-channel attacks. For example, they can measure power consumption, allowing you to recover an encryption key, or insert voltage glitches to cause mayhem on an embedded device.

Not sure about the differences between capture hardware? We've got a capture hardware comparison.


Targets contains information about the "target" side of the ChipWhisperer hardware, which are the devices that you're trying to research attacks on. These boards make hardware setup much easier compared to boards not designed for side channel research, such as development boards.

Like with the capture hardware, we've also got a target comparison page


ChipSHOUTER is a platform for researching electromagnetic fault injection, which uses intense electromagnetic fields to disrupt a target's operation, providing a less invasive way to perform glitch attacks compared to the voltage and clock glitching of the ChipWhisperer. This directory has documentation for both the ChipSHOUTER, as well as associated targets designed specifically for exploring electromagnetic fault injection.


This directory contains information on tools that offer new directions for research and help you extend your attacks to different platforms. For example, the PhyWhisperer is a device that allows you sniff and trigger based on USB data. Other examples include an H-Field probe for doing non-invasive power analysis and analog filters for improving the data that you collect from power analysis.

Starter Kits

NewAE sells much of its hardware bundled together in different kits. This directory contains information on these bundles.

If you are interested in how to get started in Side-Channel Power Analysis & Fault Injection, check out some of the "Starter Kits" that include required hardware. Again, we've got a comparison page for the different starter kits.