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This board supports the SiFive FE310, which is a RISC-V based microcontroller.


Feature Notes/Range
Target Device SiFive FE310
Target Architecture 32-bit RISC-V
Vcc 1.8V
Programming JTAG
Hardware Crypto No
Availability Standalone
Status Released
Shunt 10Ω

Available from:

Power Supply

Enable the 1.8V regulator on the CW308 board and ensure that both the 3.3V and 1.8V LEDs are on.


The FE310 must be run off of a 7.37MHz clock.

Building Firmware

To build firmware for this target, you must download and install a 32-bit or 64-bit GCC compiler with support for embedded RISC-V targets.

The recommended compiler is available from SiFive at

This firmware build can be very particular to the compiler version used and, as such, it is highly recommended that you use the exact compiler version linked above.

Once the compiler is installed and available on the command line, firmware can be built using the ChipWhisperer build system with PLATFORM=CW308_FE310.


The CW308T_FE310 has a W25Q32JV 32MB SPI chip used as program memory which can be programmed over JTAG. An example of a compatable JTAG programmer is a Segger J-Link. Ensure that the device is powered and has a valid clock before programming.

As of ChipWhisperer 5.6.2, you can use ChipWhisperer's MPSSE mode to program the FE310. The easiest way is to use the script included in ChipWhisperer's openocd folder, along with the fe310.cfg file in that folder:

chipwhisperer/openocd/ -p /path/to/fw.elf husky jtag -- -f "fe310.cfg"