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The ChipWhisperer-Lite represents NewAE Technology Inc.’s most aggressive pursuit of it’s mission to bring side-channel power analysis and glitching attacks to every engineer and student. The FULLY open-source (hardware, software, firmware, FPGA code) is launching a revolution in hardware security. In particular, the ChipWhisperer-Lite serves as a good middle ground between the full feature-set of the ChipWhisperer-Pro, and the affordability of the ChipWhisperer-Nano.




The ChipWhisperer-Lite, as the name suggests, features the ChipWhisperer-Lite capture hardware. Its datasheet can be found on Mouser:

The ChipWhisperer-Lite has a few available hardware options:

ChipWhisperer-Lite Version Target Single Board Also comes with Purchase Link
ChipWhisperer-Lite 1-Part CW303 XMEGA Yes micro-usb cable Mouser
ChipWhisperer-Lite 32-bit 1-Part CW303 Arm Yes micro-usb cable Mouser
ChipWhisperer-Lite 2-Part CW303 XMEGA No micro-usb cable, 20-pin cable, SMA cables Mouser
ChipWhisperer-Lite Standalone None No micro-usb cable, 20-pin cable, SMA cables Mouser

Turning a 1-Part into a 2-Part

Want to attack other targets with your 1-part board? Simply break the target portion of the board off as described on the ChipWhisperer-Lite capture page, solder a 20-pin connector on your capture board, and solder SMA connectors onto the capture board's

Hardware List

Also links to documentation. See table above for which hardware comes with each hardware kit version




1-Part 32-bit