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The EFR32MG21A board features the EFR32MG21A010F1024 from Silicon Labs. This device features a number of security features, including a dedicated “Secure Element” core that performs a secure boot operation, and DPA countermeasures on cryptographic primitives.

The RF section is not broken out to a 50-ohm matched header, but instead a simple 3-pin header which allows potential usage in laboratory environments.

See the -SOCKET board for an optional socket version. See the -MG21B board for the version wtih ‘Secure Vault’.


This target requires an external programmer to reload code.


Feature Notes/Range
Target Device EFR32MG21A010F1024
Target Architecture Arm Cortex M33
Vcc 1.2V
Programming JTAG
Hardware Crypto Yes
Availability Standalone
Status Production
Shunt 22-ohm

Power Supply

Break-out for various voltage rails, allowing over-driving of internal regulator to reduce noise for DPA measurements, or for testing fault injection detection capability.

Security Features

EFR32MG21A (“Mighty Gecko Multiprotocol Wireless SoC”) has a high-performance Cortex M33 (TrustZone-M) with a seperate “secure element” core that handles the secure boot operation, along with multiple cryptographic accelerators (both AES and ECC) that include advertised DPA countermeasures.


A JTAG programmer is typically required for these devices.

Schematic and Layout