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Feature Notes/Range
Target Device Atmel AVR
Target Architecture 8-bit Harvard
Vcc 3.3V
Programming ISP
Hardware Crypto No
Availability Standalone
Status Released
Shunt 51Ω

This target used to come with many of NewAE's starter kits, but has been replaced with the CW308T-STM32F3.

I/O Connections

NOTE: The serial pins for this target are swapped comapred to the usual setup. An example setup script can be found here:

The pinout of this module matches the "NOTDuino" kit along with the "CW301 Multi-Target Board" routing. The following is the connection between GPIO1-4 and the I/O lines on the AVR:

CW308 Pin ATMega328P Pin Notes
GPIO1 PD0 (RXD) Serial INPUT to AVR.
GPIO2 PD1 (TXD) Serial OUTPUT from AVR.
GPIO4 PC0 Trigger pin (mapped to ADC-port such that I/O driver power comes from AVCC).
CLKFB PB0 Can set this pin as CLKO with fuse. Useful for synchronizing to internal RC oscillator.
nRST nRST (PC6) Used by in-system-programming (ISP) interface.
MOSI PB3 (MOSI) Used by in-system-programming (ISP) interface.
MISO PB4 (MISO) Used by in-system-programming (ISP) interface.
SCK PB5 (SCK) Used by in-system-programming (ISP) interface.

Programming Header

The 6-pin programming heading can be used with the Atmel ISP interface. The pinout of the 6-pin programming header on the main-board allows it to work with standard Atmel ISP tools: