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This board supports the Microchip ATSAML11 microcontroller.


Feature Notes/Range
Target Device ATSAML11E16A
Target Architecture Arm Cortex-M23
Vcc 1.2V
Programming Serial Bootloader, SWD
Hardware Crypto Accelerator
Availability Standalone
Status Released
Shunt 22Ω

Available from Mouser.

Power Supply

The core of the SAML11 chip runs from a 1.2v supply. This is supplied through the CW308T 1.2v regulator. The I/O busses are supplied with 3.3v.

Security Features

The SAML11 platform integrates many advanced security features including:

  • Up to four tamper pins for static and dynamic intrusion detections
  • Silent flash access for side channel attack resistance
  • Data scrambling with user-defined keys for both Flash and RAM
  • A True Random Number Generator

Since it's a Cortex-M23 core, it's also got Arm TrustZone-M.

For a full list of security features see the product family data sheet[1]


The SAML10/11 family implements a serial bootloader. Usage of this bootloader is not detailed in the data sheet, for usage information see Microchip Application note AN2699[2]. This bootloader doesn't have a driver in ChipWhisperer, but one could be added.

Serial Wire Debug (SWD) is also supported for programming and debugging applications.

Schematic and Layout