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ChipWhisperer-Nano Target Board

The ChipWhisperer-Nano also integrates a target board in a similar way to the ChipWhisperer-Lite 1 part version. Like with the Lite/CW303, this board can be detatched from the capture side of the board. Unlike the CW303, however, the Nano target board cannot easily be used standalone - to save space, the full 20-pin connector is not broken out. There are also no pads to solder SMA connectors to for power analysis/glitching.


Feature Notes/Range
Target Device STM32F030F4P6
Target Architecture Arm Cortex M0
Vcc 3.3V
Programming STM32F Serial, SWD
Availability ChipWhisperer-Nano
Status Released
Shunt 27Ω


There are two active high LEDs on the Nano target board:

Item Connection Note
D5 (GRN) PA2 Active high
D4 (RED) PA4 Active high

Notes on Usage

A subset of the normal ChipWhisperer 20-pin connector are available via header pins. See the back of the board or the schematic for the pinout.

The STM32F030F4P6 has 16kB of flash memory, which is not enough to run MBEDTLS RSA. This microcontroller is available with larger flash sizes, so if you want to run the RSA glitch attack lab, you'll need to replace the microcontroller on the board with one of the ones with more flash (32K is sufficient).

SWD debug pins are broken out onto TP1 (SWDIO) and TP2 (SWCLK).