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Level 1 Starter Kit (SCAPACK-L1)

This starter pack is great for getting involved with side-channel power analysis and fault injection attacks. It includes our ChipWhisperer-Lite Capture board and our versatile CW308-UFO target board.

The pack comes with three CW308 target boards: an 8-bit XMEGA microcontroller and 2 32-bit STM32 Arm microcontrollers (STM32F3, STM32F0). The CW308 platform also supports a variety of additional targets, such as FPGAs and microcontrollers with advanced features like harware cryptography.

It's also easy to add your own targets! The CW308 is fully documented and is open source, allowing you to design compatable targets on PCBs. The starter kit also comes with a blank CW308 STM32F board and a CW308 blank prototyping board.


Available from Mouser


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